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For the fourth consecutive year "Mobil 1" the main sponsor of the 9th edition of The Luxury Motor Show (EXCS)

Monday, August 10 - 2015 at 00:12

Jeddah -   Following the successful marketing plans for the 9th edition of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS), which will be held in Riyadh in October;   Arabian Petroleum Supply Company (APSCO), the producer and marketer of Mobil oils, renewed its sponsorship for this prominent show, which commensurate with the strategic business plans of the company, according to Mr. Khalid Al-Tayeb, Director General of Lubricants and Specialties. Al-Tayeb added after signing the sponsorship contract between APSCO and Specialized Systems for Exhibitions and Conferences, the organizing company of the 9th edition of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS).

Al-Tayeb stressed the importance of participation in this specialized show where  the most luxurious cars, particularly super sports cars like Bentley, Porsche and other high-level famous models that use Mobil 1 oils, and said:"We have found that our sponsorship of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS) constitutes an important step to showcase our products and services in this highly sophisticated motor show, which has proved throughout its previous sessions to be a very successful and influential." He added: "EXCS Luxury Motor Show session for this year is consistent with the launch of a new product from Mobil oils, which will represent an added value to all cars using Mobil 1 oil."

Meanwhile,  Abdullah Al-Shamasi, CEO of the show organizing company,  expressed his  appreciation  for APSCO's renewal of the sponsorship contract for the 9th edition of the Luxury Motor Show, and said:"The sponsorship of such a large national company forms an important incentive for developing specialized exhibitions  such as the Luxury Motor Show,  as the organizing company, are very proud for this sponsorship that no doubt would have a vital  role  in the enhancement  of the show, and raising of level of demand."

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